Thursday, 22 May 2014

Class X results: Diyun Govt Sec. School registers over 97 pass percentage despite appalling conditions

In the recently announced CBSE Class X results the Govt. Secondary School, Diyun in Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh registered a pass percentage of over 97 percent despite appalling conditions of the school. As per information available with the CBSE at least 317 students, including over 120 girls, appeared for the CBSE Class X board examination out of which 309 students have passed, 5 students have been declared eligible for improvement of performance (EIOP) and 3 students were declared absent.

The high pass percentage is inspiring given that the school lies in utter government neglect. The school has no basic facilities and remains overcrowded as can be seen from the number of students who appeared in the Class X board examination.

This is the only secondary level school located in area inhabited by two marginalized Chakma and Hajong communities with their population of about 46,000. Out of the 317 students at least 267 are Chakmas and 27 Hajongs.  The Chakmas and Hajongs are neglected communities and they have been fighting for civil, political, social and economic rights for the last 50 years. Repeated pleas for improvement of facilities never receive a hearing as the school lies in Chakma/Hajong inhabited area. Even funds given by the Centre for construction/strengthening of infrastructure of the school have been misused or wasted.
A view of one of the classrooms, Photo taken in Jan, 2013

In the absence of secondary school, this school has to accommodate not only students from Diyun circle but also from other areas, resulting in overcrowding. This also has a negative impact on the quality of education. An analysis of the results shows that majority of the students’ CGPA (cumulative grade point average) was under 6.
Inside view of another classroom, Photo taken in Jan, 2013

Yet, it has to be acknowledged that despite all odds the performance of the Chakma and Hajong students is highly commendable. 

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